By Cody Constantin

"Our mission is to reteach the world how to make clothes in the 21st century." — Geoffrey B. Small

For almost 100 years, the Parisotto family has been handing down from father to son, the art of weaving cotton and linen fabrics in the hillside town of Sarcedo, at the base of the Altopiano di Asiago and the foothills of the Italian Alps, in the province of Vicenza. For decades they have crafted some of the world's finest cotton cloths for Italy's most recognized names: Cotonificio Albini, Thomas Mason, Tessitura Monti, Limonta, Marzotto, Zegna, and also Geoffrey B. Small to create the finest organic fabrics. Certified organic cashmere, silk, cotton, indigo, and linen yarns are woven into a stunning array of seersuckers, double-faced and antique weaving, that are then hand-dyed and hand-treated by the designer himself in his studio for a maximum effect of softness, aging, and patina, all at a minimal carbon footprint and environmental impact.

"Our mission is to reteach the world how to make clothes in the 21st century. We are fed up with the totally corrupt fashion-design-school-industrial complex that is also now bought-lock-stock-and-barrel by the Corporation and is more intent on squashing education, skill-building, critical thinking and creativity than cultivating it––by taking students' money (or their parents' money) and turning out corporate cogs for a machine that does not intend to employ even one in 50 of them on average upon graduation. It is a reconfirmation (that adds significant time and risk to the production and delivery of each piece), that contrary to the rest of the industry's lame business-school thinking; we do not believe in 'scaling up.'" — Geoffrey B. Small

Certified Organic: fabrics that set a new standard for 'green' design, elegance, and comfort, like the unpredictably light and soft, luxurious organic tailor's indigo cotton & wool weave used in the jackets made for CRUVOIR in West Hollywood. In the hillside town of Sarcedo, Luigi Parisotto and his father are working with Geoffrey B. Small to create the finest and most environmentally sustainable organic fiber fabrics in the world today.

"We believe in scaling down." 

— Geoffrey B. Small

Geoffrey B. Small seems to be in his own realm when it comes to clothing production. This season is limited to just 1,095 pieces. "That might help explain why we don't try to chase down a lot of press or media coverage, or why our clothes can only be found in the most select stores worldwide. We don't need to do the things other designers and brands may do to try to 'raise their profile.' Our clothes speak for themselves." 

— Geoffrey B. Small

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