To Learn Secrets from Magicians

By Soren Ronan

To Learn Secrets from Magicians

Cody Leeder aka bête noire & Barbara Constantin aka bunny were, each in their own way, sculptors of archetypes, harnessing the magical power of vision, a vision of horror with snakes for hair, & a gaze which turns all living things into stone, so we traveled to Paris to pay homage to sculpture’s history, to learn secrets from magicians.

Bunny knew what she wanted, she had begun to sculpt without any encouragement, so we managed to get ourselves to Paris, center of the European art world, in order to obtain the training necessary for a career in sculpture & who is to say I would be excluded in practice, if not in theory, from full participation in the life of bunny’s productive sculpture studio…

I meanwhile, have ample experience behind me. I am 33 years old & know my business. I have not been admitted to the academy, but I have had a marketably psychoanalytic skill which enabled me to earn a living in assisting the very successful acquire more wealth. It wasn’t glorious work, but it paid well.

Appropriating our powers, we made better use of them & armed ourselves with useful tools to make heads roll. Using a wide variety of production styles, the judicious display of sacrilege at crucial moments supplements our prowess in petrifying our enemies.

By now, I know key members of the American intelligentsia & have been welcomed into artistic, literary & political salons. I left the old myths intact, if anything the old messages were renewed through formal reinterpretation, that by 2022 would be validated anew.

I used other’s myths, to lend myself the credibility & parlay our talents & our contacts into exhibition with stylistic innovation, in an intrinsically erotic neo-classical style, & not before long, will we meet with someone special within a most tightly-knit community, & accept an extremely lucrative & prestigious commission…

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