Guglielmo Castelli: What I Can’t Express in Words, I Paint

Simulating the end, concocting the beginning.

By Balthazar Malevolent

Guglielmo Castelli: What I Can’t Express in Words, I Paint

Guglielmo Castelli was born in Turin, Italy in 1987. He lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Guglielmo Castelli draws his inspiration from art history, literature, and music.

His pictorial work highlights stolen moments, fragmented bodies where fragility reigns. Objects are not always clearly defined, human and animal bodies, plants, or even body fragments form a reality that is both magical and enigmatic, where elements evolve and transform.

Guglielmo Castelli is also a stage designer, yet in his work, it is not the front of the stage that is brought to light but the moments of weakness, reflection, and solitude that are typical for the backstage.

Guglielmo Castelli has exhibited throughout the world, in Paris, Lisbon, Singapore, and Geneva.

Guglielmo Castelli's hybrid and subtly violent iconographic universe questions the relation between inner and outer space, between bowels and environment, and somehow overturns the precepts of Italian Renaissance painting, with its strict geometric and rational system. Released from any constraint, figures slip and overlap on either neutral backdrops or unfamiliar landscapes, flowing like lightning flashes, clouds at dusk and wind-torn vegetation. From fluid and wide, brushstrokes coagulate into thick knots that are used to portray melancholy, astonishment and wonder, while characters melt into gentle yet cruel chromatic accents, suspended in uncertain postures that reflect an unsteady grip on reality.

— Rolando Anselmi

Guglielmo CastelliGuglielmo CastelliGuglielmo CastelliGuglielmo Castelli

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