DINGER is Only Targeting Tier 1 CEX

Making round around the DeFi space, DINGER has successfully bridged BSC via RBE

By Lucky ₃₃

DINGER is Only Targeting Tier 1 CEX

Let's be clear I'm a degen & I don’t consider shitcoins per se if they don't have x100 potential. DINGER aka Elon’s cat Schrödinger hasn’t hit mainstream yet & is on uniswap & requires ETH or bridge to Binance smart chain. Every respectable crypto portfolio should have a meme coin allocation just coz times be cray. Doubling up my bags. Dinger perked up last week & may be gearing up for a breakout of this generational bottom at $12m market cap. Dinger has cat meme market dominance. I just got some copium dd from a live stream. I know this team & how hard they're working & they don't rely on paid advertising & shitty influencers to succeed

A few things that have changed recently › Pulsechain integration (huge & first meme I believe). Cat-lock is near ready (team finance/unicrypt competitor for meme coins. Cat-apult is near ready (launchpad for unruggable meme coins). A little birdy tells me they're about to get a solid irl use case. No ser, dinger is not deaded. Top whale is accumulating. Just wait ser. Once it gets CEX exposure & opens the floodgates, this name is the only alt with potential to capture cat power at retail adoption level. Right now there is no volume & generally no clue that this exists outside of us smarts. The fact that dinger hasn't rugged means its going to 100x

Last month dinger's very amazing devs have been in development mode. Peeps have been taking profits & taking losses. This month is huge for its devs pushing out utilities

Updates › 5-Dec-21

1 › Curate allowing dinger as payment when it goes live. Their marketplace accepts ETH, BTC, floki & dinger are the only meme coins accepted

2 › Dinger selected to be whitelisted on the infinity wallet, tweet coming after 2nd VC, major marketing paid for, coming mid December

3 › Dlock backend & frontend completed, 2 vendors onboard

4 › Launchpad in the works, 9 lives tokenomics being hashed out, looking for 80-100% refund target, math being worked on

5 › big name lined up for cativersity, can't disclose now

6 › asian marketing via influencers, more asian website articles coming

7 › Dlock profits will be used for buybacks & community fund

$dinger dinger token coin

CatNip! › DINGER is seeking to launch multiple products that are designed to foster investor safety and ease of use within meme token and NFT environment

Cat-apult › Designed to provide token launchers with an automated launchpad for new meme tokens and NFTs.  Launching a token via the Cat-apult can be paid for either directly with DINGER tokens or with a portion of the Eth that is raised by the project

Cat-Lock › New projects will have liquidity automatically added and locked on the Cat-lock platform following their launch on the cat-apult Additional locks can be placed on the development team and vested tokens via this platform

9 Lives › Cat-lock and Cat-apult are designed to prevent potential rug pulls within the DINGER network, but cannot guarantee that the team will continue to develop the project following launch.  9 Lives will allow token holders to hold a loss of confidence vote within the early phases or a project which will initiate an insurance/refund process

Cat-iversity › One of the largest issues for potential investors looking to enter the meme token space is a general lack of understanding of the meme economy.  DINGER is seeking to combat this issue directly by launching a platform for experts to share their knowledge with fledgling investors.  Beginner classes will be free of charge while more advanced classes will require payment in DINGER

iCat › Future Gaming platform

Additional token holder perks › The first portion of any token sale launched on Cat-apult will be reserved for those who have staked a minimum amount of DINGER.  This will serve to give DINGER holders a better chance of securing a spot in the sale while also limiting gas wars

$dinger dinger token coin$dinger dinger coin token


› 1 trillion tokens in total supply.  

› 8% tax on all sales and transfers of DINGER tokens.

› 3.5% tax for Development of CatNip projects

› 3.5% Marketing tax

› 1% redistribution to all DINGER holders

› Every sale of DINGER results in two transactions on Dextools with identical maker addresses. The first represents the actual sale while the other handles the taxes. These taxed tokens are sold immediately for ETH and deposited into the two wallets listed above

Initial Distribution

› 94% of token supply was added to an initial liquidity pool and locked for 1 year

› 6% of tokens were given to those who provided initial liquidity








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