As the most powerful female performers take the stage. Miley Cyrus rocked this seasons most coveted asset – the Power Suit.

By Cody


The Power Suit is having a moment, a Mugler Moment. Who was the biggest winner at the 2019 Grammys this year? We didn’t expect that Thierry Mugler would steal the show. Cyrus, like Cardi, brought the type of fashion we love to the Grammys. It’s unexpected, and it makes an impression. Especially with the Me Too movement catapulting the iconic silhouette into the spotlight, on and off of the red carpet. The Power Suit is something we could imagine the newlywed singer building a signature style around. Cyrus reminded us that a little black suit could be just as iconic as a little black dress.

MUGLER, named after its founding designer, Thierry Mugler, actually began designing for men, hence his expertise in excellent tailoring. Like the suit on Miley at the Grammys, his distortion of hourglass silhouettes contrasted against sharp lines have become legendary. His runway shows were walked by every ’80s/’90s supermodel: Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford, and more. He is a fashion Legend and a true genius.

In fashion, suits are a hot-button issue. Recently, we've seen people like Lady Gaga and politicians thrust (over-sized and fitted) suits into mainstream conversations, and in some of the most influential periods of fashion, including the '70s and '80s, many designers can give credit to the style for their global success, including Yves Saint Laurent with Le Smoking and Halston's ultra suede model.

Still more on Mugler! Thierry Mugler, did study classical ballet before moving on to fashion. Every supermodel of the 80s/90s you might imagine walked his runway shows: Linda Evangelista, most notably, Naomi Campbell, Cindy Crawford and more among them. He then entered the haute couture room, designed Demi Moore's popular black dress to wear in Indecent Proposal and created the iconic Angel fragrance.

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